Al Shami Sugar & Grains Packaging was established in 1999. As the country and the region started growing in population and demanded more service and easy approach, the packaging industry was an important sector to grow and cope with the increasing requirements in most food services. Sugar and grains were very important category to be taken in consideration and up lift their standard in availability and packaging innovation. This was the time Al Shami stepped in with vision of packing and re-packing of various products to accommodate the growing demand in the industry in Middle Ease and many African nations.

Successfully the company today is packing over 20 different items in sugar under Majestic brand and also providing salt, pepper and coffee under special requirements from its customers which some are packed under private label. Our raw material is selected very carefully under high standard supervision from the management and with complying to food and safety standards and regulations in the country. Delivering quality and innovative packing and products is a promise Al Shami given to its customers and will continue leading the industry with high standard services.